Data Centre Security Systems

Whether your facility is by necessity a high security data centre, requiring bio metric access readers, weight measuring security portals, high definition total facility CCTV coverage and more, or simply requires card swipe access linked to an existing house system, maintaining the correct balance ensures that the protection meets your business needs without wasting money on over specification. Over our 30 year history we have designed, installed and maintained many data centre security systems and solutions.

TPL have experience in the following data centre security systems:

High definition closed circuit television cameras

Infrared / night vision CCTV systems

Security portals up to class 4 EN 1627:30 (2000)

Anti tailgating devices

Smart access control systems

Biometric access systems

Video and speech access systems

Swipe card access systems

Pin access systems

Hybrid access systems

Motion detection

Optical detection

Vehicle control systems

Perimeter Security Fencing

Electromagnetic screening

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL are known throughout the industry as leaders in data centre design and build. Over 30 years of specialist experience, a partnership approach and our commitment to innovation mean that clients can be confident that their data centre will exactly match their requirements, incorporate energy efficiency best practices and provide the level of resiliency necessary for supporting business needs today and tomorrow. Our designed and built data centres have awards for innovation, resilience and energy efficiency, and as a company we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation to ensure all our clients end up with a cost effective, efficient, scalable, facility.


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