Refit & Refresh

Your data centre is a mission critical business asset. As corporate needs grow or change, your data centre infrastructure may not be adequate to support your current and future requirements. Whilst a new data centre may seem like the solution, often a current data centre can be refitted to increase capacity, increase efficiencies and improve optimisation. Or it may be that your legacy data centre infrastructure is at risk of failure, in which case, a refit or refurbishment will dramatically reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL are experts in data centre refresh and refit projects. During over 30 years, we have designed, project managed and delivered an extensive variety of data centre refurbishment projects ranging from upgrades of power and cooling infrastructure to complete facility redesigns and fit outs, most of which involved data centres remaining ‘live’ during the process. Our meticulous planning ensures that risk is minimised, downtime is avoided and impact on day to day business operations is negligible.


The key to the success of a data centre refurbishment is that all drivers, requirements and constraints are clearly defined before any solutions or methodologies are decided on. As with all data centre projects, these fundamental elements often determine the correct approach and final data centre solution. Establishing these fundamentals at the start will save you time, money and most importantly limit the risk to any of your live IT services.


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