Security Systems

We work with our clients to deliver the best, cutting edge security systems possible for a given budget or specification. We endeavour to provide a detailed assessment of the security requirements and always make our clients aware of potential savings, security flaws, future improvements and alternative solutions where applicable. We can provide a full design service including detailed drawings, schedules and associated documentation. We provide this service to either end users or to other security systems providers that are looking to outsource the detailed system design element of their projects.


Installation services are provided and carried out in accordance with current and relevant Health and Safety and industry guidelines. We offer cabling, termination, containment and equipment installation. We can provide specialist termination and testing services including for fibre optics. All final positioning of equipment is checked with the client before works commence.


We are specialised in the commissioning of security products and systems and work closely with selective market leaders which means that we can offer an unrivalled service. We offer commissioning for even the most complex systems and always adopt best practice methodologies, recording all results which are provided to the client upon completion of the works. The client is requested to “sign off” against the completed works ensuring that they are confident that the system is delivered as per the specification

System Integration

One of the most complex elements of a security system is the integration of the different manufacturers’ systems to create a simplified user interface. Pulling together all the latest technologies and features to provide a rich and satisfying end user experience is a task that requires specialist skills and knowledge. We pride ourselves on reducing complexity of systems by full and thorough integration to remove the frustration often associated with new technologies and to provide a singular simple and informative interface.

Technical Training

Further to reducing the complexity of the systems, we also provide several levels of training to ensure that customers and end users are fully informed about the products and systems and that the systems can be utilised to their fullest potential.


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