New Build Design

Design and Build

No two data centre projects are the same. There are endless permutations of layout, UPS topography, power distribution, cooling systems, fire systems, security systems, and other elements that can be applied and all need to be exactly matched to client requirements. The best approach for your design and build project will depend upon a number of factors including the requirements of the IT equipment, the physical characteristics of the building, your organisation’s demands in terms of resilience, energy efficiency, expandability, life span, and of course the budget.

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL are known throughout the industry as data centre design and build contractors. Over 30 years of specialist experience, a partnership approach and our commitment to innovation mean that clients can be confident that their data centre will exactly match their requirements, incorporate energy efficiency best practices and provide the level of resiliency necessary for supporting business needs today and tomorrow. Our designed and built data centres are innovative, resilient and energy efficienct, and as a company we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation to ensure all our clients end up with a cost effective, efficient, scalable, facility.


The starting point for every project is for us to fully understand your specific drivers, requirements and constraints. You may already have a written project brief and specification which contains all the information required but if not, we can prepare this for you.

Our philosophy is always to work in partnership with our clients and we take care to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are engaged with at an early stage, either through our requirements analysis workshop method, or individually. This means that we have a full understanding of all needs, wishes and concerns, and the perfect foundation for our holistic data centre design and build solution, one which provides an appropriate infrastructure platform for your organisation.