Chemicals & Fine Chemicals

Sector Outline

It is our most diverse sector covering the storage, distribution, containment, reaction, processing, separation, mixing, packaging, recycling and disposal of an endless variety of chemical compounds and products at every imaginable scale of production.

This sector is the mainstay of our business serving global clients, mainly in the UK, including consultancy and construction at outlying manufacturing centres around the country.

Why choose Technique Projects?

At TPL our engineers have experienced almost every aspect of chemical handling and processing.  We have designed and built paint plants; pesticide plants, resin plants, solvent storage and blending depots; ink manufacturing and blending lines; water-treatment chemicals manufacturing; production lines for primary pharmaceutical ingredients,  reaction and separation of medical gasses.  In addition we have provided smaller consultancies on a huge range of other chemicals manufacturing, storage, distribution and packaging facilities around the UK, Europe and globally.

Between us we have handled, stored and contained pretty much every type of toxic, flammable, high & low temperature and high & low pressure chemical compound or reaction.  We have designed processes and plants to separate and purify the products as well as treat and recycle the wastes.  We are up to date on the legislation pertaining to all aspects of chemical containment, storage and distribution; control of toxic, flammable, temperature and pressure hazards; environmental protection; chemical plant design and construction, health and safety.


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