Sector Outline

This sector includes the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals as well as primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging.  Typically it includes the buildings, services and laboratories associated with supporting specialist pharmaceutical areas.

Pharmaceutical design and construction with TPL is a fully interactive experience.  We wholeheartedly  engage with your expert staff and product knowledge to both ensure and assure the delivery of a fully functional and validated facility.   TPL are conversant with cGMP and cGEP including the principles of Quality Assurance and Validation at every stage-gate:  Design, Installation, Operation, and Process.

We carry out a number of design reviews to provide assurance that the design completely satisfies the User Requirement Specification (URS).  Design reviews typically include Fault Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA’s), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analyses and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies at appropriate stages to assure the integrity and safety of the design.  The whole-team experience continues into construction and commissioning to ensure minimum disruption during implementation, commissioning and validation.

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL fortunes were initially built on our technical expertise employed by pharmaceutical businesses in the South East of England including GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Abbott Laboratories.  Although activity levels have declined, we still maintain the full range of skills and serve a broad pharmaceutical client base throughout the UK.


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