Sector Outline.

This sector includes: pulp production; additives; all unit operations of the paper machine; bulk materials storage and handling; waste treatment plus site infrastructure and services.

The paper industry has a wide overlap in technologies with other sectors including.

Minerals:  Provide the mineral fillers.  Typically calcium carbonate, china clay or titanium oxide are used. Gives the paper opacity, body, feel and surface finish required for the next stage of processing.

Chemicals: Bulk chemicals for the pulping processes and fine chemicals in smaller quantities such as: bleaches, brighteners, sequestering agents, chelating agents, preservatives, sizing, wet strength additives, dry strength additives, coating binders, optical brighteners, dyes etc.  Also paper surface coatings and inks of all types

Steel: Rolling mill technology applies closely to pressing, drying, calendar and packing sections of a paper mill.

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL have worked continuously in this sector for several decades.  We have held engineers resident at a number of client sites in the UK.  We are also able to bring innovations from our other business sectors to develop and design innovative solutions to evolving client requirements.  These include assistance with development of innovative products from the water treatment and minerals sectors

We have been involved on a wide range of multi £m design and construction projects for leading paper manufacturers throughout the UK.


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