Food & Drink

Sector Outline

This massive and diverse sector covers every type of commercial food and drink product suitable for human, animal and pet consumption.  Our process engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience particularly in logistics, services, sterilisation and aseptic processing  makes us natural partners for food and drink manufacturers, particularly those developing or commercialising a new technology.

Why choose Technique Projects?

TPL engineers have a huge wealth of direct and indirect experience of managing designs and projects within the food industry.  This includes sterilising, heating and drying products such a soup powder line for Premier Foods.  Handling and processing bulk liquids and solid products, such as the detailed design and EPCM of a major Somerset dairy or the massive hydraulic press to extract and recover the sugar cane juice for Tate and Lyle.  We have also successfully undertaken several brewery projects mainly within the UK.  The overlap in technologies between this sector and other sectors is extensive.  Every type of material transfer and packaging system may be relevant from transferring bulk flour in a bakery to colouring the icing.  Every type of chemical process from boiling soup, frying potatoes or chilling ice cream to distilling gin or puffing rice may be involved.


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